Family Life Resources
Family Life is dedicated to the redemption of relationships.  This is a page of Christian resources complied for your convenience. 

You will be directed to an external site by clicking on a link.  Though the resources are Christian, we do not endorse or necessarily support all views expressed on these sites. 

Marriage & Parenting Resources

Focus on the Family provides excellent Christian broadcasts and articles on family issues

Marriage issues (in-laws, communication, the first 5 years, infertility)
Just for parents
Just for couples


Successful Stepfamilies provides resources for specific to the unique needs of stepfamily relationships.

Laura Petherbridege "The Smart Stepmom" provides support, encouragement and help for stepmothers.

Gary Chapman's on-line quiz.  Learn the love language of your family members (Children's version included)

Singles Resources

Adventist Singles Adult Ministries (ASAM)

Adventist on-line social network for dating or friendship.
(Please apply proper safety protocols.  Do not disclose personal information.)

Resources for single parents.

Personal Resources

Discover your love language and the language of others.

Media Resources

Check out rating and content of video games, movies and music.

Learn about ways to protect your family.

Home Schooling Resources

Curriculum Information, support and encouragement.

Newcomers to Canada Resources

An overview of what you need to know

How to apply for Canadian citizenship

How to apply for a Social Insurance Number

How to apply for a Canadian driver's licence

City of Mississauga website.

Recommended Books
Click here for a list of books on various topics

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