Ministry Theme 2015-2016: "Educating for Life, Educating for Eternity"

Our rationale for this themed focus is a recognition that our programs and activities must aim to assist members of our church and community to live lives of excellence while here on earth – academically, socially, professionally – while working across Ministries to provide learning and teaching opportunities to encourage everyone to pursue the ultimate education – and that is to know Jesus.


Ministry Goals 2005-2016

Our goals are influenced and shaped by the Ministry duties outlined in the Seventh-day Adventist Church manual. They include:

  • Promoting Adventist Christian Education.
  • Providing a network of support and resources for all students and parents to help them successfully navigate the educational system.
  • Providing a network of mentoring and career support for students of all ages.
  • Serve as an information sharing hub – educating the church community on relevant news and education/career related reports.
  • Develop an early childhood educational & career initiative to introduce children to and expose them to diverse careers and professions at an early age.