Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I would like to bring my child in for tutoring. How do I sign them up?
A1: Please contact Jason Gordon in advance at Jason will provide you with necessary information ahead of time to make enrollment quick and easy. So that your first day will go smoothly, students should arrive 15 minutes early.
  1. What grades do you work with?
A2: Students range from 4th grade to 12th grade.
  1. What are the qualifications of the tutors?
A3: Although some of our tutors are/were teachers, most are local college students, church members or members of the community who simply care and want to make a difference.
  1. What subjects are available for tutoring?
A4: All of the basic subjects are covered: math, science, reading, English, and social studies. Foreign language tutoring is available upon request.
  1. Will my child work with the same tutor every week?
A5: Yes, when your child and the tutor attend the same sessions and arrive around the same time.  If your child is late, we may have already assigned the tutor to another student.  If the tutor is late, your student may already be assigned another tutor.  With your help, we will keep your child partnered with the same tutor as often as possible.
  1. How can I become a tutor and how much time do I have to commit?
A6: Becoming a tutor is simple. Just volunteer!We ask tutors to commit to at least 2 sessions per month and be willing to continuously seek out training (i.e. review subject matters and tutoring procedures) to be a more effective tutor. 
  1. Are there other ways that I can help? 
A7: Yes. Please see the tutoring wish list below:
  • School supplies (paper, pencils, pens, etc.)
  • Snacks (box juices, packaged cookies, etc.)
Rewards of Becoming a Tutor
• Assisting a student in successfully completing homework or practicing a needed skill
• Noting improvement in student's confidence
• Working in a caring environment
• Observing a tutor and student giving each other a warm and friendly greeting
• Observing parents and students eagerly showing the student's report card to the tutor or other available adults because the grades improved
• Hearing parents telling how much they appreciate the program

 A parent's testimony:

                                 “I can honestly say that the tutoring program has been of great benefit to my child particularly in the area of  Mathematics.  I cannot fail to mention Jason who has been a fantastic mentor to my daughter even to this day. I believe the support that she has received has opened up many opportunities for her in relation to career choices/university applications. We have some very talented people in our church who have dedicated valuable time to mentor our children free of charge. Why not embrace the opportunity”? M. Kelly

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